Services to Schools

Around 10% of children have long term speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) - thats two or three in every class - and as many as 50% of children have short term needs.  Ofsted have identified SLCN as one of the main barriers to learning.

Teachers are becoming increasingly concerned about the communication skills of children entering school in reception and want to act early to prevent this affecting their learning and development.  In a recent survey, lack of social skills and delayed language were the TOP reasons cited by Headteachers for children not being ready for school.
Further on, children with SLCN often experience difficulty with literacy, accessing the curriculum, social isolation, low self esteem and behaviour problems.

More and more, schools are looking to purchase Speech and Language Therapy services directly so if you are a Headteacher or SENCO looking into this, please do get in touch.
Purchasing your own Speech and Language Therapy service may offer more flexibility with support tailored to the needs of your school.  
I always aim to complement the role of the existing NHS service that you receive working alongside them and supporting you in the areas where their resources cannot stretch.

Some of the ways I could help your school

Each school has different needs and budgets so I do my best to offer a range of support.  I've listed just some of the ways I could work with you but please do get in touch if you would like to talk through other options.  I could do a specific piece of work with you, some training, a one off assessment of a child or some more regular work for a fixed period such as a term.


  • help with developing a language rich environment with communication friendly classrooms

  • working with the EYRs team and parents to support the transition of children from nursery to EYRs with regard to speech and language

  • support with implementing preventative approaches

  • whole class screening


  • support and advice for implementing programmes to develop delayed communication skills eg. School Start, Speechlink etc.

  • delivery of narrative groups, phonology or early language groups

  • support for school staff in achieving SLCN targets and delivering programmes

  • targeted screening assessments


  • asssessment

  • setting SLCN targets

  • delivery of one-to-one individualised and personalised therapy sessions

  • delivery of small group therapy sessions for children with more specific difficulties

  • preparation of individualised programmes and support with their delivery

  • training for teachers and TAs